Sander Knopper

I'm Sander, born in a cold month at the start of 1987 in The Netherlands.

From a young age, I was mostly interested in computers and (a little later) computer programming. So starting my professional career as a software developer came natural. I was perfectly happy for quite some years doing this, but eventually I got a bit fed up and needed something away from a computer and preferably outside...

This moment was when my interest in photography sparked. Shortly after this I went on a holiday to Norway to see the northern lights and I did, but I didn't realize it would be quite the challenge to photograph it without any prior knowledge of how to do that. So, suffice to say those pictures aren't worth showing in my portfolio ;) When I got back home though I immediately started to learn as much as possible about photography, given my technical background this was actually the easy part. The creative part on the other hand proved and still proves to be a bit harder, but oh so rewarding when it turns out well.

A few years later here I am. Thrilled to be of service in the photography business.

What can I do for you?